Lake Charles Port St Lucie

Congrats! Your offer has been accepted and you are officially in escrow.  Now what to next?  Usually the first order of business is to arrange your Lake Charles Port St Lucie home inspection.


Anthony J. Trossen -  A1 Certified Home Inspection



David Parker - National Property Inspections



Joe Premo – Premo Home Inspections






Disclosure:  Bold Real Estate Group Inc. and Agents are not responsible for verification of home inspector license status, pricing, services, qualifications. The inspector referral list is based on positive past experiences with inspectors and buyers that involved the purchase of a home.  List of Home Inspector is solely to offer Buyer additional choices of local area home inspectors.

Buyer is responsible for contacting home inspector of choice, discuss desired service and specifications. Request a home inspection appointment, payment of services, follow up report and/or re-inspection if desired.